Amazing House Architecture Design with Beautiful Scene

This is The Amazing House Architecture Design by architect Jim Burton of Blip this recently built house is located in Seattle’s Queen Anne neighborhood. This spacious house style will captivate your eyes and heart when you look at each of its space. The use of a simple soft colors make the room had a comfortable sensation, warm and quiet. Choice of furniture is also very fitting, some rooms have a style full of furniture, and some low furniture. Combining are perfect for creating a beautiful room. Coupled with a glass wall and sliding door that gives view which makes the space much more broad pronounced. You can see as far as possible outdoors, enjoying the pleasant view of the city so you’ll always feel at home in it. While the exterior of this house, very impressive, glass and stone walls add a natural element that is very interesting. This Amazing House Architecture Design with 4 bedrooms is sold at a price of $ 2.4 million.

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Amazing House Architecture

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