Beautiful Modern Architecture and Interior of New York Apartment

This is a Beautiful Modern Architecture and Interior of New York Apartment. If you like to live in a modern way, it’s mean that you can’t leave the technology they are a perfect couple you know? More modern your live more modern technology you need to have. Also for your living place, today people runs to a simple minimalist and modern house or apartment, mostly for those who lives in a big busy city. And New york is one of that place, so this pictures of New York residence can give you inspiration to have a great modern living place with futuristic technology. There are Griffin Residence and Residence in Soho, where the design and interior design uses the new material and a renewed interest in architecture as an exceedingly visual and aeshtetically driven dicipline. The maximize room’s function taken to maximize the comfort live, the modern furnitures such as in the kitchen, the hidden stuff and the design of litlle bar,near to the living room which is in one space with the bedroom, looks very comfortable. So if you are a modern person that like a modern architecture and interior, for more info visit Gage Clemenceau site.

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Comfortable Apartment Living Room

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little home bar in apartment

Long Sofa in Apartment