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This is Beautiful Stone Bungalow Design, the name is Kui Buri bungalow which located on eight acres of virgin beach coast on the Gulf, Thailand. The bungalow is design with harmonious architecture to the nature. The surrounding is the beautiful beach, so the design also follow the beach theme to get the perfect. The material used here are the stones and the wood that present the nature, take a look on the beautifull walls that decorate with the granit stones, it looks very strong and unique, most of the resorts are build in wooden materials but this bungalow totally different. When you out from the room, you meet the beach directly near the bungalow, that is the beautiful side of this bungalow. And my favorite is the bedroom, what a natural room design with the comfort bed, good lighting, modern furnitures, and glass door you can see the beatiful beach on the outside. So if you wanna go to Thailand visit this beautiful stone bungalow design and enjoy all of the beautiful architectures and the beach.

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Beautiful Bungalow in Beach

Bungalow with Beach View

Interior In Stone Bungalow

Modern Stone Bungalow

Stone Bungalow Design