Brazilian Traditional Architecture: Beauty Scenery + Ethnic Architectural Style

Respecting cultural identity through architectural styles is one small sampling for maintaining and preserving the culture through an exciting way. Overall, ethnic architecture style has a historical value that is always associated with nature, from the location, ingredients until decoration. Take a look and see, situated on the near of beautiful valley and built by using natural wood materials plus lovely decoration of the layout and the use of furniture made from natural that attractive to the eye. This is construction of dwelling ethnic-style describes an approach merging traditional styles with calm natural atmosphere.

In terms of interior and exterior, traditional ethnic atmosphere thick adorn the overall look of the house. On the veranda, fresh colors emerging from flowers that adorned the terrace house. No less interesting with the veranda, in the interior are typical animal themed ornament that has a strong character, like a deer headdress, sofas from leather cow until natural stone fireplace and hardwood floors that make never bored to be seen.