Casa D, Perfect Modern House for Families by Damilano Studio Architects

This is a modern house of Casa D designed by Damilano Studio Architects, this house is one example of a modern house perfect for families. built at a place called Cuneo, Italy. Having a house that offers a relaxed atmosphere, with room and safe environment is one of several aspects of the ideal home. people are so busy and spend so much time to go and when they come home after a long day, all they want is to feel good, to relax, in a house that has everything, all the comforts and all the equipment. This house has a rectangular shape, which looks like a block, which creates a warm atmosphere and friendly house. where you can spend your free time, receive friends and family, partying, or relax with a book. Equipped with rectangular windows strangthten with modern style and the perfect combination of colors you can see on the exterior and interior. Everything is an example of modernism: the furniture in the living, balcony, swimming pool, but at the same time, things are very simple, that they give you the impression that the architect intended to do everything in harmony with the already-existing natural beauty around the home this. Not only match the color, but everything to create a special corner of the world that seems made to please the eye.
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