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Interesting Pool Design at Atrial House

Interesting Pool Design at Atrial House – The house is located in a green fresh grass that offers you a great view, and great spirit. The modern house with interesting design such as the driveaway leads inside

Dynamic Space House at Palm Residence

Living in dynamic spaces house will make us feel so happy and peace full. You can get it at 700 Palms Residence in Venice, Los Angles, california. Designed by Steven Ehrlich in 2003, the using of wooden and steel

Curtain Idea for the Protection House

This is a Shigeru Ban, a japanese architect that has a good curtain idea to protect the house which is located in intersection in Itabashi-ku, Tokyo. this idea brings the tradition on japanase houses where they have

Unique Home Architecture with Modern Interior Design

This is a unique home architecture style, and modern interior design that is very attractive. Works perfectly by VMX Architects. Beautiful natural landscape can be viewed from all angles in this house, because almost all the walls

Modern Contemporary Design By Natalie Thiart

This is a modern contemporary design by Natalie Thiart, colors displayed for elegance interior design room. Here is one of the most striking, toned-down and satisfying place to visit space. The house has a strong Scandinavian influence