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Playroom Kids Republic, Best Architecture Design from SAKO

Architecture Design – Children is the expectation of parents, and if give the best for child can make your child become smarter. For example, is to provide playing space that can develop your child’s thinking power, like

Work at Home: Best of Home Office Idea

Sometimes we get tired of office work, for which we were trying to find the best solutions that may help you in completing your work. As simple as what most people think, home to the most convenient

Way of Learning while Playing – Child Chalkboard Table

In some instances, a lot of us who think that drawing is not very important for the development of the child. Most of the parents are more often taught to read and writing rather than to teach

Customized Bookshelves, Tetris Furniture with Do it Yourself Design

What is more fun than what comes out of thought, work or your own imagination? Adjust to your liking, with much of what you need to make diy bookshelves seem like the work of a famous designer,

Design for Home Kitchen: Original Musical Influence – Washbasin Guitar

As a lover and connoisseur of music, we love all things related to music. In previous post, we have presented the design of Small Storage Cabinet Bass Fiddle shaped inspired musical appliances that resembles its original form.