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Custom Home Architecture, Beautiful Traditional Tongkonan House in South Sulawesi, Indonesia

Learn to understand life by respecting the culture and heritage, Indonesia is known the state of multiculturalism in the presence of ethnic groups, cultures and customs that are rich in diversity. Contains the values from generation to

Artistic Woodcraft Furniture made from Natural Handicraft Products

Derived from handicraft products inspired by nature, woodcraft furniture is the real evidence of the artistic work that combines nature and creativity. Through a long process with the characteristics of the original detail, from the the shape,

Exoticism Traditional Honai Home in Papua, Indonesian

Illustrates the profound philosophical, honai home reflect the meaning of life and the interrelationships between human being and nature which depict the culture tradition inherited from generation to generation of the papua native ethnic in the hinterland.

Two-in-One Creative Design, Laptop Desk on Treadmill

There is not the right word, but remarkable. If you are busy with activities or daily your work, so it did not have time to exercise, maybe you could try the exercise while working. Yes, the design

Unique Furniture Set made from Recycled Car Tires

Appreciate something through the process, methods and benefit for the survival in the future. Making scrap materials to new materials that are made into something useful, without reducing its originality. Recycled furniture products made from car tires