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Classic Glass Shelf for Bathroom Decoration

This classic glass shelf may looks old fashion, but this furniture still used in decorating. For bathroom, glass shelf are commonly used, even nowdays a lot of people choose the modern furnitures, but glass shelves still has

Circle Shower Design For Small Bathroom

This is a circle shower design for small bathroom – Having small bathroom is not a problem, for those who can’t put bath tub inside the bathroom may choose shower to clean and refresh their body, and

Simple Working Busy Chair Idea

Thisi is Simple Working Busy Chair Idea for some busy people, doing the works should be finished in a right time. They work with lot of things arround, books, laptop, phone, and another importan things. But unfortunately

Mini Kitchen Furniture Design for Small Apartment

Thisi is a smart Mini Kitchen design for those who loves cooking but don’t have enough space in their house and for those who does not really like cooking. The product is a Mini Kitchen Furniture, the

Furniture Idea with Indoor Planting System

When we heard about global Warm, means that we have to keep green in our lives, and Judy hoysak’s Indoor planting system is a great way to keep green in your home. you can plant vegetable in