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Original Table Furniture from Nature

If you love something that represent nature, you can put some furniture which are made from the original parts of the nature. just like this table, made from the fallen trees, and very friendly for the environtment.the

Unique Furniture Design With Chair and Table Function

Chair and table is a pair of furnitures that cannot be sparated, and this new furniture is Alexander kneller’s design which put chair and table altogether, so when you need your chair, you also get your table

Storage Bed For Your Small Bedroom

Some of people only have a small place for their bedroom. but we know that we need some things arround us, while we in the bed room, shelving, cabinet and some racks may help, but they still

Interesting Furniture That Very Inspired

Stephen Reed in the London offices of Bloomberg with his creativity creates an interesting furniture that inspired by scrabble. The bench which made by wooden shaped like the scrabble with the small pillow that have letters. Look

Natural Bamboo Shelving Furniture Design

This is Natural Bamboo Shelving Furniture. In the previous posted, I had discussed about Romantic Bamboo Bed. Now comes a shelving designed by Lola Design also made from Bamboo. as we know that bamboo has multifunctions for