Comfort Cloud Sofa Called as Nubola Sofa

The sofa called Nubola sofa which shaped like a cloud designed by Gaetano Pesce and it is a solid, comfortable and so soft that can be seen when I see this for the first time. The sofa is inspired by cloud, so when you tired or just want to have relax time you can sit on the soft cloud and feel like on the sky maybe. It has standart texture with moulds and bellies out, this sofa has charming strong color it’s perfect for your living room and dazzle the guest, or your bedroom where you usually spend your time for relaxing. You can add some details to combined with Nubola sofa, to get more sensual view like the lamps, rugs, or flower near to. The sofa looks very charming and it has high quality for the materials and available for some various textile covers which give realy perfect visualisation. If you agree with me and waish to bring this sofa into your room, you can get it from Meritalia just choose what your want.

charming sofa by meritalia

Nubola Sofa

soft sofa