Comfortable, Relaxed, Calm and Peace House by CEI Architecture

Comfortable, relaxed, calm and peace is one of several plans when many people want to build a house, a perfect house for families, no matter for your small family or big family. Having a house that has all the necessary conditions for normal life and perhaps the beautiful surrounding landscape will be additional things to plan the ideal home. Take a look at this beautiful house, this is Elenko Residence designed by ceiarchitecture in British Columbia, Canada, located near Lake Osoyoos. Modern minimalist house Designed with two floors and flat roof garden that can offer beautiful views of the lake, there are some rooms that are also in the design conformed to the relaxed atmosphere, good living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and dining room. One of the interesting things from the division of space in this house, there are no interior doors or other divider so that everything looks more spacious and full of light. Wood and glass is still the main ingredient that is used both for furniture and other interior, of course, with modern design, as found in the living room furniture that can be seen clearly from the design of stairs, kitchen furniture, and fireplace.
Reference by CEI Architecture