Curtain Idea for the Protection House

This is a Shigeru Ban, a japanese architect that has a good curtain idea to protect the house which is located in intersection in Itabashi-ku, Tokyo. this idea brings the tradition on japanase houses where they have a curtain to protect the house, and the sliding door. now the elements appears in more moderen design. The curtain covers the house and people from the sun and pollution,by covers the wall house outside, behind that there is a sliding glass wall create a simple interior. Just focus on the function of the curtain, if you think that it is very great idea, to protect the house and your family from the sunlight and pollutions, you can make it.Now curtain is not only used inside the house, but she can bring the beauty and the functions from the outside. And you can also fell the japanase house in it, but the pollutions and the sunlight will make your curtain turns into a bad colors then, more over if your living place in a busy city such as Tokyo.


Japanese Modern Architecture Design

Unique Protection for House