Different Amazing Way To save The room Space

Have you ever imagine to design different amazing way to save the room space as good as possible? then I believe that this design will provide answers to you. Bedrooms are on the living room or work place, even on your dining room, this is how the bed was performed with a functional or aesthetic. Is designed by the studio of invention Décadrages and marketed under the brand name BedUP, this bed is stored on your ceiling space, and very effective to maintain or keep a small space, because this design 4m2 store on your space, so for the owner of small room, this will be very enjoyable. The beds are located on the ceiling will be stored neatly in the day, so you can freely use the space underneath as a workplace, living room or in another room that you want. in design with a very elegant and hidden, this bed can easily be derived from the sky the sky, with the elevator system and stops at a predetermined position so it will not allowed to touch the furniture underneath. Amazing design isn’t it, save space by hiding the bed on the ceiling. Will make your home a very different and sweet.

red bed design

good bed design

white bed