Dynamic Space House at Palm Residence

Living in dynamic spaces house will make us feel so happy and peace full. You can get it at 700 Palms Residence in Venice, Los Angles, california. Designed by Steven Ehrlich in 2003, the using of wooden and steel inside the house bring the interesting look. The design make the room become spaciouse, see the wooden stair, it has another function, as the shelf that can keep your small things, beside that this simple stair adds minimalist effect to the interior design. And for the uncover bricks wall gives sense of classic house in modern house style, the clear floor and clean material used show the elegance. And the link between the rooms creating flexible spaces that give advantages to enlarge view. This opened house has good ventilation, absorb the sun warmth and make the room getting fresh, feel fresh everytime if you have a good air circulation just like this dynamic space house.

Post via: s-ehrlich.com

Interior House Residence

Palm Residence Exterior

Comfort Living Room

Harmony Interior of Residence