Example of a Modern House with an Attractive Design in Anglesea, Australia

Anglesea is one of the most beautiful places in Australia, many of people enjoy the natural beauty of this place by visiting a few days, but some of those also built a residence, it is meant to know more close, and coexist with nature, Citrodora is one of the many homes built to celebrate the beauty of nature in this area, which is placed right in the middle of nature. So if you are in this house will get a view of privacy to surrounding areas. This house is an example of a modern house with an attractive design, consisting of kitchen, living room, master bedroom, study, bathroom and guest bedroom, on the first floor, and each room has access to enjoy the natural beauty around, the downstairs area, you’ll find TVs, pool table and sitting room to relax, where the basement is one of the fun area for you and your family. This is a modest house that has been designed and elegantly decorated and the entire project done bystyle. The Seeley Architects and found in contemporist.

See example of a modern house design in Anglesea, Australia below: