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This furniture represents a very high social awareness. upon seeing the first time, I think that its designers certainly are people who are very concerned about the environment. Sure enough, that this table is designed by Studio Job by Robber Barron was inspired to name the social situation ‘tales of power, corruption, art and industry”tales of power, corruption, art and industry’. Depicted with gold and black elements. work that is very impressive indeed. This table shaped as a factory in the era of the early 20th century, where the cimney produce smoke, causing severeral pollution to the environment. While this table for the function consisting of a Cabinet, Mantel Clock, Table, Standing Lamp, and Jewel Safe, each to be Offered in a limited edition of five commissioned by Murray Moss. So if you have this in the room of your home, you will always remember to keep the environment around you. And hopefully this table will inspire many people to continue to safeguard the environment, so that life becomes more peaceful. A set of pieces were the resource persons sold to a private collector for 700,000 USD. I’m pretty sure That People who do Their best to help the environment Will have to say about this table.

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