Innovative Bed Made By Parts of The Car

If you are a car lover and hope to sleep in the car too, maybe you can try something new like Innovative Bed Made By Parts of The Car. Jake Chop Shop by a furniture design company that creates a bed of pieces of the car. An innovation and creativity are very high in use. Here are some examples of the bed is made from car parts, look at the pink bed, this one is the 1960 Chevy Impala Bed, looks very trendy and charming right ? very suitable for those of you who really love cars. So if you think it’s a great idea to make a bed by part of the car, and make your bedroom looks different, just prepare to doin that. But make sure your bed is done by a professional designer who will provide the best design to produce a beautiful bed by parts of the car, comfortable fit with your dreams.

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Bed Made by the Car

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