Japanese Black Box House with Wall Stickers

This is a form of Japanese Black Box House, decorated with wall stickers. This box houses with wall stickers and wall tatoo, looks to be interesting, because the black color combined with any color will produce beautiful work. The  building located in Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Sin Den was desgined by Klein Dytham Architecture. I really like the look of this Japanese Black Box House, you do not need to design a house with striking color, to get a beautiful house design, especially if you are someone who likes something elegant. You can adapt the simple design of this house, and I think this house is perfect for young children and adults also, because the design of wall stickers and wall tattoos are very attractive and unique. Not only used on the exterior of the house, you can also apply the sticker on the inside as well. As for the color of the walls inside, you can choose other colors according to your choice. The japanese black box house covering 50 square meters is being used as a hair salon, would be able to attract the customers. They would be interested in the appearance of the building in addition to the work of the shaver. From this design I hope you get some inspirations to beautify your home or place of business, in order to attract more attention.

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attractive japanese house

Japanese Black Box House Architecture

Unique Japanesse Black House

Wall Stickers at Japanese Black House