K-chair – Mini Wooden Furniture For Kids

K-chair – Mini Wooden Furniture For Kids. Japan, as we know as the creative country, the poeple can make all of creative goods, from the biggest until the smallest. For the furniture side, they also have the creative cute design for the kids, they have furniture set for the kids just like the common furniture. It’s about The K-Chair mini By Karimoku60which established in the 1940′ well known as the biggest wood furniture maker in Japan. The design of The K-Chair Mini is scaled-down version of the flagship mid-mod armchair.Very suitable for the kids seat, to help them doing the activity in sitting positions such as reading, eating or watching. But the chair does not have great design actually for the kids, it designed same as the simple chair with rubberwood and black vinyl, for me it’s so flat design used for the kids. While for the wood, it made of walnut-stained. But if you like to give your kids their furniture that can help them to seat comfortably and enjoy the activity it can be a good choice. The price of this wooden kids furniture is 25,000 yen.

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Mini Wooden Chair For Kids

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