Leather Furniture That Transform Into Eight Another Furnitures

In this modern times, is right if we also use modern leather furniture that transform into eight another furnitures in the house. Stylish modern furniture, minimalist and the most popular is furniture which has many functions. Such as this leather furniture, which can change the function to suit our needs at any given moment. Furniture that looks very simple is proved to have eight other forms of furniture with very useful function for our activity in the house. Called as The Cayman, this table can be a coffee table / footstool, a double bed for your spare room, guest sofa, sofa lower level, a double chaise lounge, luxurious day bed / play mat for children, and the snack table level / low game. Wow, amazing right, so you just need one furniture to get eight other furnitures. Another advantages are that this furniture has a high quality, save space by efective way and very easy to transform, so that you can do it even you are alone.

Transform Leather Furniture

Leather Sofa

leather bed lower level