Limited Edition Handmade Furniture With Golden Doors

Gold is the luxurious element that has beautiful color and gold is not only used as the jewelery but noe it’s also come as part of furniture. The gold appears as a piece of modular furniture in black anodized alumunium. The furnitures has some square doors, furnishing gold-leaf handmade by craftsmen. It’s look very elegan to see the combination between black alumunium and golden color come together. This furniture also show the high techonology andclassic method where secular prosessing door produce by hand.This furniture suitable to store all the things that need to be save in the beautiful way, it also add interior value, when you see the golden shine between the dark alumunium it gives your room sensual visualisation. This high class furniture of gold is in limitid edition,while the brand was established in 1960 by the designer Ampelio Piaratto,and nowdays gold design has commonly in use for the society.

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