Master Bedroom: How to Create a Space that’s Comfortable with a Modernized Look

If you’re similar to millions of homeowners all around the world, you’ll most likely have spent countless hours pondering over various interior design ideas when it comes to your living room, kitchen, entrance hall etc. If so, it’s time to take a step back and give the private areas of your home some more attention.

A master bedroom is by far one of the most important rooms in a home, but having said this, it’s often a room that’s forgotten about when it comes to home renovation projects. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of guidelines to follow when it comes to creating a master bedroom that’s both comfortable and modernized looking.

Let’s start with the color scheme…

1.    Update the Color Scheme
The color scheme that you choose for the space is vital as it will determine your color selections for other design elements of the room including the furniture, flooring, walls and accent pieces. Ultimately, you want to pick a color theme that’s both calming and relaxing and one that will lend itself well to other design features that you have in mind.

Blue, green, beige and shades of tan are all versatile and calming colors which makes them ideal for use in a bedroom. Bold colors such as yellow, black and red are not recommended for use as a major color but these can be worked into an accent wall or piece of furniture.

2.    Get New Flooring
Combined with the colors that you choose for your walls, the type of flooring that you choose will also determine the color scheme of the room. The good news is that if you’ve done a good job with the design of your walls, you can be a little more risqué when it comes to your flooring selection.

Depending on what your personal preference is when it comes to flooring solutions, there can be a lot of design and color options to choose from. The option that you ultimately decide to go for should compliment the overall design of the room as well as being practical and aesthetically pleasing.

3.    Invest in a New Bed
The most important feature of any bedroom is its bed and for that reason, it’s important that you choose a good mattress and a stylish frame to hold it in. Similar to flooring, there are many different options available when it comes to choosing mattresses and the type that you go for will totally depend on your preference when it comes to size, firmness, material etc.

When it comes to choosing the actual bed itself, options such as suspended beds, leather headboards and craftsman platform beds can instantly add a touch of modernity to even the most old-fashioned of rooms. If you’re trying to achieve a contemporary look, you should definitely explore each of these options.

When it comes to redesigning the décor of your master bedroom, there are no hard, fast rules that you must follow in the process. However, the above-mentioned guidelines, when taken into account, will help you to create a space that’s comfortable, beautifully designed and fit for its intended purpose.

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