Minimalist Coffee – Dining Table With Six Storages

Coffee Dining Table

All of people love to save space in their house, moreover for those who have only a small house. And this movable table is the smart furniture that can save your space,the name is ” The Flip Table” the table can be used as a coffee table and dining table with great design. Staring as a minimalist low coffe table, the dining table legs flip out reveal six stools for seating. When you flip up the legs, the dining table is ready to use in perfect height. While the six storages are also the smart bonus part of the table available with cork dining tools, and they stored underneath the coffee table nicely and when them popped out for seating at the dining table. The table and the seat are realy minimalist couple furniture with smart changing, to save the space and add the function of the room. From the pictures below you can see how the table transform step by step.

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