Modern Architecture – Villa with Natural Concept

Modern Architecture – Villa with Natural Concept – Nowadays, people are trying to live in the most modern way with high futuristic technology to simply their lives, but this villa created by architect Enric Ruiz-Geli is different project. The villa appears in modern living with natural concept. The villa has beautiful interior design, furnishing and also high tech gadgets, but the thing makes it different even special is on the roof. Let’s discuss it, from the pictures you see that on the roof, it has a green plant. yes the grass on the roof is the special one, inside the villa you find a modern living place, while on top you find so natural living place that helps to keep green for the environtment. What will you say if you there in the morning ? The fresh air absolutely, I just hope that will be more architect built villa with natural concept for the world.

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Nature Villa in Green Impression

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