Modern Highway House with Fold Open Glass Walls

Talking about modern house there are so many kinds of modern house styles, and this modern highway house with fold open glass walls will be one of them. The house is design by John Berg and is represent a modern living place of the long island agricultural. The modern style can be seen from the design of the house which using glass walls that fold open to get the warmth of the weather, and perfect lighting. This way also give spacious effect, you can seee the outside directly from the inside. And the furnitures too, are the simple and minimalist which help the room to have spacious space with the good interior design. Believe me that this house will give you a satisfaction of the dramatic spaces when you have to serve your friends, relative or your big families, the house is ready for that. One more important thing is the modern highway house is made by environtmentally low impact building technology, so your house is a friendly on.

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