Modern Home Architecture Design for Family

This modern home architecture design is an answer for those of you who want a modern house design for big happy family. The design of this house designed by Swat Miers Architects in Windsor, California, precisely in the Russian River Valley. It is a modern home architecture design appropriate for your reference to establish a modern-style house and simple with minimalist design but still impressed luxury. This modern family home is designed with meticulous in calculate every part of the room details to meet the needs of families who will live in it. This family home design is also equipped with various facilities and rooms that can support the needs of the family, such as the living room is spacious and comfortable with a glass wall, terrace to relax with family, the master bedroom, modern bathroom, and kitchen, and is equipped with a large swimming pool and a large garden.

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Every part of the wall of the house is dominated by glass walls that might aim to get natural lighting so that each room is more bright and comfortable.
If you are planning to make this modern home architecture design as a reference for your modern family home, then you should you see the details in the Swatt Miers Architects,

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Via: fresh home, Photography: Russell Abraham; Landscape arcjitecture by Bernard Trainor & Associates