Modern Kitchen Cabinet with Hidden Sliding to Maximize the Space

Nowadays people likes to live in simple, modern and clean living place, and modern kitchen cabinet with hidden sliding is a part of our living place that cannot be ignore. kitchen has a big portion in our daily activities at home, so to have beautiful, simple modern and clean kitchen is very important. and the new kitchen concept is coming from lift, designed by Michel Cornu. The concep is by using the cabinet system, see the shelves, they are have maximizze function trough movable wall units. With sliding cabinets system can keep your tools;stove, oven, faucet are hidden inside, it makes the kitchen in tidy. When you are finish cooking there,it can be slid up and down move them away and create varying layouts and spatial configurations. but this great idea for perfect kichten just a concep for now, I hope it will be come true soon.

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