Multifuncional Wall Spice Rack for Kitchen

Wall is the multifuncion thin in our house, we can put anything on that. lamps, mirrors, pictures and the other things, also in your kitchen, wall can helps you tu put anything you need to having larger space. Just like this multifuncional spicy rack which is mounted on your wall. Very smart choice for the small room, designed by Desu, made from 1/4? thick brushed stainless steel bars,created  seamless line which appears to float on your wall.from the picture you see that you can keep your spices in good looking way.its only need two screws to mounted on the wall, and keeps around 15 glass mini cube bottles of your spices.instead the olive oil bottle, but don’t worry, you can put the standart size of bottle, for this smart choice you need $199, and having larger space in your kitchen.

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multifuncion spicy rack for kitchen