New Furniture – Bookcase and Bathtub With Smart Design

New Furniture – Bookcase and Bathtub With Smart Design – I never like reading while I’m taking a bath, I just like to enjoy my bath time, but maybe some people outside there do reading while bathing, that’s why Antonio Lupi presents an interesting furniture name Biblio. Biblio is a bath tub shaped in rectangle, complete with back rest and automatic drainage, and one more thing that makes this bath tub different is there is some storage under, where you can put some books and another things. I don’t know wheter is good or not to read while we bath, but I know that the storage is very usefull. If you don’t like reading too, you may put another things that will be nedded while you take a bath, soap, shampoo, lotion an your towels. just put this furniture inside and you don’t need another shelves, smart right ? this tub is made of resin, wood and the price is $17,300.

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