New House, Magic barn Turns Into A Modern Stylish

A Modern Stylish New House

New House, Magic barn Turns Into A Modern Stylish. Ever imagine you live in the barn? oww, must be very annoying, how can you be used in place of cow or horse? But if you look at these posts I believe that you would say YES, to live in a barn. There are two designers who conjure up a barn turned into a dwelling that is very comfortable and stylish. It Happened in Belgium where architect Rita Huys from Buro2, got her hands on a an old barn in the rolling hills of Central West Flanders, Kept its rustic touch but transformed it into a modern home with an elegant and luxurious living space, at the countryside . A barn was no longer looks dirty, but it has turned into a place which I am sure everyone will feel comfortable being there. Wim Delvoye with his skills while making a barn looks simple with an unique character That blends well with the scenery, while at the interior where artist worked his magic, style is king. Applied with a modern stylish touch that looks at the line and used furniture.

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Bathroom Interior of Modern House

Interior of Barn Turns

Simple Interior Bedroom Design