Classic Home Design Idea For Inspiration

Having something classic home design is a wonderfull thing, a lot of people try to get something different with others. Just like this classic villa which is changes into classic home design that very suitable for your

Small Wooden Kolonihagen Summer House

Summer is a great time to spend the time, and Tommie Wilhelmsen with his design called Small Wooden Kolonihagen Summerhouse, is a small house in a small place for spending your weekend in summer. This small wooden

Playroom Kids Republic, Best Architecture Design from SAKO

Architecture Design – Children is the expectation of parents, and if give the best for child can make your child become smarter. For example, is to provide playing space that can develop your child’s thinking power, like

Great Penthouse Interior Design by ALTUS Architecture

This is a great six-floor penthouse interior design by ALTUS Architecture, overlooking the lake Minneapolis, Uptown area and downtown outside. The walls of living room and bedroom is made up of translucent glass and curved white marble

Unique Home Architecture with Modern Interior Design

This is a unique home architecture style, and modern interior design that is very attractive. Works perfectly by VMX Architects. Beautiful natural landscape can be viewed from all angles in this house, because almost all the walls