Go Green House Residential – Modern Architecture Design

Modern Architecture Design – Go Green House Residential, and make your house fresh then, this what I can see from the house of the professional couple, a sailor and a gardener. The house is in the corner

Beautiful Stone Bungalow Design – Beautiful Architectures

This is Beautiful Stone Bungalow Design, the name is Kui Buri bungalow which located on eight acres of virgin beach coast on the Gulf, Thailand. The bungalow is design with harmonious architecture to the nature. The surrounding

Modern Architecture – Villa with Natural Concept

Modern Architecture – Villa with Natural Concept – Nowadays, people are trying to live in the most modern way with high futuristic technology to simply their lives, but this villa created by architect Enric Ruiz-Geli is different

Japanese Black Box House with Wall Stickers

This is a form of Japanese Black Box House, decorated with wall stickers. This box houses with wall stickers and wall tatoo, looks to be interesting, because the black color combined with any color will produce beautiful

Brilliant Idea to Make a Home for Just Three Days

This one is a Brilliant Idea to Make a Home for Just Three Days that come from an architect Jean Mic Perrine, his project is ready made, stackable, expandable pod homes. This project names as Perrinepod,  what a