Playroom Kids Republic, Best Architecture Design from SAKO

Architecture Design – Children is the expectation of parents, and if give the best for child can make your child become smarter. For example, is to provide playing space that can develop your child’s thinking power, like this a playroom for children called Kid’s Republic is located in Beijing. This is the best architectural works by Sako Architects. The building consists of several parts, the first part is a children’s book store on the first floor, and the other part on the second floor, used as office space and activities. Activity on the first floor is a rainbow-like space created by 12 colorful ribbons of different boundaries. Activities such as animated stories and shows are held here regularly. On the inside walls and ceilings used for illumination or display items, while the floor is also used as a stage and auditorium. carpet was also laid on the floor space for the children, so that they feel free to sit and lie down on the floor.

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Kids Playroom by SAKO Architects

Kids Republic by SAKO Architects

Modern Kids Book Store

Modern Kids Playroom

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