Simple Wall Mounted Furniture in Modern Bathroom

If you wish to have modern wooden furniture in your bathroom, I have the answer here, the simple wall mounted furniture with modern design, that very pefrect for every size of bathroom. No matter how big is your bathroom, this furniture can be placed there, because choosing the right furnitures are very important depand on the shape and the size of your room, this vanity completing that answers ; function and fashionable. The design is simple and beauty, you can choose the colors depend on your preference, ligt brown, dark brown, or the black one. The function which very fashionable made of natural oak, wenge stained oak to craft the beauty vanity, also the usefull drawers included to completing the furniture. These great example of wooden furnitures are the collection of CristALquattro, which named as ODER, what a great modern wooden furnitures of bathroom.

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