Small Apartment Design With Girly Touch

Girl always has great ideas to do something. Just like decorate the room, it will be very beautiful, charming, and elegant with girly touch. More than that, woman also knew how to used every space of the rooms in good functions. That is what the pictures of this poost would like to say. The small apartment, 43 sqm in Gothenburg turns into a beautiful living place, the design of the rooms are very feminine looks. The bed room, hide only in a small corner of the living room with blue wall papper,show the maximize uses of room in smart way, and the kitchen, is the most beautiful corner for me, as a woman I like the kitchen design very much. The modern kitchen’s tools are designed in a simple and tidy, with the dining room beside with elegant design, and the window add natural lighting for the room. Now the limited space is not a problem anymore, and believe that woman can do everything.

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