Small Wooden Kolonihagen Summer House

Summer is a great time to spend the time, and Tommie Wilhelmsen with his design called Small Wooden Kolonihagen Summerhouse, is a small house in a small place for spending your weekend in summer. This small wooden house makes you touch the nature directly,when you are going to go out, and sit for relaxing,you fell the nature is really close.This small wooden house does not need a large land, your backyard will be very perfect to build this house, well for the interior, you can see that the design is a simple one, just like the living room, in a small space the room is designed for some function, you can read, eat even sleep there, and the rooms are conect to the outside directly. So if you like to live together with nature to enjoy the summer like this, what are you waiting then?


Summerhouse Architecture Design

Summerhouse Interior

Wooden Summer House