Sofa That Transform Into a Night Sofa Bed

For the previous post I had discussed some furnitures that can be transform into a bed,and now I’ve found the same sofa to discuss. I love the furnitures that can be transformed into another furnitures that’s why I posted this. The name is “Book” which is design by Italian designers from Flou. The tittle is “Night Sofa Bed” because this sofa has dual function, by day as the comfort sofa in modern, minimalist and elegant design to serve you and your friends while togrther. While at night it turns into a comfortable low bed with plan staves. Other interesting parts are the color is beautiful brown, I see it like a yummy cake, and it realy save the room space, choosing a furniture is not always to see the beautiful look but the important is the function and the comfort.

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Modern Night Sofa Bed