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Living Room Interior with Simple Design

This is living room interior with a simple pattern that has a simple design but looks interesting, with a new structure Casaoptima really good from the sociedad Anonima Arquitectos is located in Santiago, Chile, and features a

Brilliant Idea to Make a Home for Just Three Days

This one is a Brilliant Idea to Make a Home for Just Three Days that come from an architect Jean Mic Perrine, his project is ready made, stackable, expandable pod homes. This project names as Perrinepod,  what a

Modern Space-Saving Kitchen Cabinet

System of interior design Space-Saving Kitchen Cabinet has various functions that double as storage space and includes some cooking equipment that facilitates your work. The design is simple and elegant with the dominance of black and silver

Combination Metal and Wood Design at Stage House

Architectural style house floats is made from a combination of metal and wood design. To frame the house nearly all made of metal, while the interior design made of wood with modern architecture. The uniqueness of this