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Modern Architecture – Villa with Natural Concept

Modern Architecture – Villa with Natural Concept – Nowadays, people are trying to live in the most modern way with high futuristic technology to simply their lives, but this villa created by architect Enric Ruiz-Geli is different

Unique House Curved Design at Contemporary Architecture

This is one of ultramodern design of a contemporary architecture an elegant and stylish, curved design of the house with white domination plus the unique shape provides a different atmosphere in the middle of your life, it

Combination Metal and Wood Design at Stage House

Architectural style house floats is made from a combination of metal and wood design. To frame the house nearly all made of metal, while the interior design made of wood with modern architecture. The uniqueness of this

Unique Houseboat from the Dutch

Unique Houseboat from the Dutch – Houseboat is a unique design with modern architecture, this is above the water surface in the waters of Amsterdam,Netherlands. In addition to the unique shape, unique houseboat adopt part of modern