The Perfect Bedroom With Walk in Closet

Having a complete wardrobe in the bedroom will certainly facilitate all activities related to appearance. But not all the goods we need can be stored only in one closet. Therefore has a walk-in closet is a solution for those who have lots of clothes and other supplies such as bags and other shoes, and wanted to be able to complete the purposes of bathing and dressing with a simple and practical without getting bussy to walking from room to room. But to have a walk-in closet, you should have one extra room that you can use, then you can organize all your clothes in a neat arrangement. The walk-in closet is the design of Dedalo of IMA including lockers, furniture library, and writing desks allow to design entirely bedrooms making the most of exiting spaces. The storages and lockers are helping you to arrange the goods in accordance with their functions, so you can easily find your equipments one by one without having to dismantle the other storages.

clothes storage

complete wardrobe in the bedroom

great closet design