Three in One Chair That Transform Into Sofa and Chaise Lounger Altogether

If you like the furniture that has many functions, then you should see this three in one chair That transform into sofa and chaise lounger altogether, seats that can turn into a long sofa and chairs which you can use according to what activity you are doing. There are so many chairs that can be changed into another shape to another activity, but for every furnitures they have the special side. If you just want to sit alone you can use one seat only, when you gathering with your family or friends you can change its shape on a sofa or chaise lounger. The furnituredesign is very simple and modern, with the comfort that can spoil you. with attractive colors, you can combine with other colors on your favorite room. These 3 in 1 furniture is designed by Roel Varhagen Kaptein, the purpose is to help people saving the room space with multifunction furnitures.

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