Unique Shape Design of Family House in Bellmund Switzerland

This house has a unique shape, with space cut out of volumes roof terrace and it’s an original aspect that gives the air of modernity to the entire building. This house was designed by EXH Design for a family in Bellmund, near Lake Biennem, Switzerland. The house is dominated by the timber for the structure of the building, where he uses materials resistant to bad weather. Another advantage of using wood is the warmth indoors. For interior design and furnishings, this house offers a simple style, but still shows a modern style of every detail, such as staircase structures. So to say this house is one example of a modern house, combined with the tradition values, in other words, There is a combination of tradition and modernity provided by the timber. The atmosphere throughout the house is simple and pleasant surroundings, will make anyone who occupies the house to feel comfortable, warm and loving.

Post via EXH Design.