Villa V, Stylish Design of Contemporary House Design

Being one of the most popular house designs, contemporary home design is a comfortable and stylish design, regardless of the shape and benefits of each room and other aspects, such as this one. Villa V is a modern Contemporary house buildings are designed and made by Architects Beel & Achtergael, built in the area that is wide enough and good environment in Flanders, Belgium. which consists of the family swimming pool and courtyard. This is definitely a place to relax, give a calm and familiar atmosphere, whether with family or your friends. not just a simple house for a normal family, Villa V built more than fun and rewarding. The building is designed with two floors, on the first floor serves for business and for recreational purposes, while the ground floor has a “U” shape around an open courtyard. This is the perfect place to enjoy at the same: light, space and art, white is one obvious aspect of your interest in the wide open spaces, outside walls are closed, and a continuous glass wall. simplicity is one of the characteristics of this house, in addition to style and elegance. Consisting of space for children, and other spaces designed with meticulous and structured, which describes a modern house ideal for families. dominated by a large glass that serves to let light enter freely, in addition to providing a beautiful outdoor scenery.
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