Working Chair With A Desk Inside – Simple Design

Here is Working Chair With A Desk Inside – Simple Design that a very unusual design and very interesting, for those of you who work with a table full of books and other equipment, surely you will love this design. The desk chair by Wolf Brinkman, is a table on the inside of the table where there is a chair that is simple and sweet. At first glance, this would look so ordinary. But when we look back, we will find that the chair at this table will provide the other facilities. Like when you need a break, you can sit there and enjoy your hot coffee, or when your friends come, you do not need to find him another chair, so you can chat with each other and work together at the same time. Simple design and does not require much space, is perfect for your workspace, also suitable for your child’s study table.

Desk and Chair Combination

working table design

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